Parking tickets

If you get a parking ticket, you have 28 days from the date it is issued to pay the fine.

In some circumstances we may waive your fine. Ask us to review your ticket, and find out what information we need to consider your request.

Please note we do not accept part-payments. Each ticket must be paid for in full.

If you'd like a receipt, please phone 06 356 8199 or email with the ticket number.

Ways to pay your parking ticket


Details of infringement notices are usually transferred to Council online services within 24 hours. If your parking ticket has been issued within this timeframe, you may need to wait before you can pay through our website.

There is a surcharge of 1.3% per transaction to cover our reasonable costs in providing this online credit and debit card service. This fee is calculated before submitting payment and is included in the total transaction amount.

Pay your parking ticket now

Internet banking

Make your payment to Westpac account: 03-0726-0330770-00

Note: We don't accept part-payments. Each ticket must be paid for in full.

Please ensure you provide the correct particulars, analysis code and reference (see below). Failure to do so could result in the payment being unidentified and further steps taken to retrieve payment of the fine. It is your responsibility to ensure the payment is correctly referenced.

  • Particulars: the vehicle registration number
  • Analysis code: "Parking Inf"
  • Reference: parking ticket number

In person

Visit our Customer Service Centre on the Square.


We may waive a fine when...

You've paid for the wrong bay number

We will also consider waiving a parking fine if you have paid for the wrong bay number. You will need to provide satisfactory evidence you have paid the meter fee for another space. We will accept a receipt or bank statement showing the amount paid, time and method used - cash, credit card or text.

If your car was stolen

We will need proof the vehicle was stolen, eg a Police report. We will also need to verify the date the vehicle was reported stolen and whether it has been recovered.

If your car broke down

Please provide proof of breakdown that shows the date, like a mechanic's report or receipt for towing.

In a medical emergency

Please provide dated evidence.

If you've been ticketed for expired warrant or rego

Council parking enforcement officers can issue tickets for expired warrants of fitness and vehicle licence registrations. Under some circumstances you may be able to apply for a review. Before you do, check out the conditions on our vehicle regulations page.


Apply to have your parking ticket reviewed

Review my parking ticket

Alternatively, send us a letter or email

Please include copies of any supporting documents and all the following details: ticket number, vehicle registration number, your full name, date of birth, address and a contact email address and/or telephone number.

Our postal address is Palmerston North City Council, Private Bag 11034, Palmerston North 4442 or you can drop the documents off at our Customer Service Centre on the Square.

Please allow 10 working days to receive notification outlining the outcome of our review.

For privacy reasons, Council is unable to supply details of an infringement notice to anyone other than the current liable person. This includes cases when a person other than the vehicle owner has been identified as the driver. Only the Police are entitled to such information.

Transfer liability for a parking ticket

If you sell your car and get a parking ticket meant for the new owner, you can apply to have the liability transferred to them. Download the application form at the bottom of this page and return the completed form to us with any supporting documents.

You will need to provide:

  • a copy of the change of ownership form or
  • the name and contact details of the new owner
  • supporting evidence, like a copy of an NZTA transfer receipt, notice of person selling/disposing of motor vehicle form, a sale agreement

Bring your application in to our Customer Service Centre on the Square, post it to Palmerston North City Council, Private Bag 11034, Palmerston North 4442 or email

Fines escalation process

If you do not pay your fine, we will send a reminder notice to the address where the vehicle is registered. If the fine remains unpaid for another 28 days, we will lodge it for collection by the Ministry of Justice. This will incur additional fees. For more information about the fines process, see the Ministry of Justice website

Keep your address up to date

Use this handy tool on the NZTA website to check they have the correct address recorded for your vehicle, and to advise them if it needs updating.