Becoming a supplier

To become one of our suppliers you should respond to one of our requests for a quote, tender or proposal through the Government Electronic Tenders Service, GETS.

If your response is successful, you will need to:

  • agree to our purchase order and contract terms and conditions
  • read and agree to our supplier code of conduct
  • fill in and return our supplier application form.

Search for tenders called by Council

If you have questions on a project available for tender, please use the question facility on the GETS listing.

How to tender

Our projects vary in scope, from large-scale developments that benefit the entire region, to smaller initiatives around our fast-growing city.

Most of our market engagements are advertised for tender through the Government Electronic Tenders Service, GETS.

You can access GETS through a RealMe login. Registering with RealMe is free. Once you've registered you can indicate the region, city or area you are interested in and the service will send any notifications relating to that area through to your email address.

When you identify a job you wish to tender for, make sure you read the related information carefully. This will detail the format the tender responses need to be in, and the date it closes.

The New Zealand Government Procurement and Property website has some guidelines if you are new to this process.

How to supply to government | New Zealand Government Procurement and Property

What happens once tenders are received

Once tenders are received we will:

  • Evaluate all of the responses received against the criteria set in the tender documents. Further information may be required. We may also request a presentation or site visit.
  • Award a contract to the successful provider. All tenderers will be advised whether they are successful or not.
  • Manage the contract, measuring performance against the agreed terms throughout the life of the project.

Some suppliers must be registered with SiteWise

Many of our workplaces are complex and in public spaces, so we need to ensure that everyone is protected, including our staff, contractors and the public. To ensure we all keep safe and meet our obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 we use the independent SiteWise pre-qualification system.

Contractors who must be registered with SiteWise include (but are not limited to) those who will be attending, monitoring or working on construction projects, or involved in providing security and cleaning services. Project tenders for these types of work from companies without SiteWise accreditation will not be considered or will be required to become SiteWise registered.

Register online at SiteWise

There is a cost to register, depending on the type and size of your business. You’ll then be directed to complete a questionnaire on your health and safety plans. SiteWise assesses your answers and awards a grade, providing you with a detailed report, including any suggested improvements to your practices.

We only accept tenders from providers accredited to level green.