New signs a reminder to look out for each other on shared pathway

Published on 07 September 2021

Photo shows small boy looking at one of the new bilingual signs along the river pathway.

Next time you're at our awa, you'll be able to see these new bilingual signs along our pathway.

We love how much you love our river, and it's important we all look out for each other on our shared path, so these signs are some friendly reminders.

Big thanks to Swiftmantis and Rangitāne for helping bring our vision for a creative traffic sign to life.

The three animals on the signs have been picked for very special reasons – the moa was chosen as the Albert Street section of the river was one of the first locations in New Zealand where moa footprints were found. The snail represents the endemic snail Powelliphanta marchanti which has been located at a couple of areas within our region. Finally, the huia was chosen as its last sighting before being declared extinct was near the Tararua Ranges.

There are three different types of signs stretching from Ahimate Reserve to just past Ruahine Street, and along He Ara Kotahi too. See if you can spot them all on your next hikoi.

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