Mangaone Park

Photo shows people walking along a limestone pathway meandering alongside a stream and riparian planting.

Mangaone Park is part of the city's walkway network. Mangaone Stream Shared Pathway travels through here.

Dogs prohibited near Awapuni Racecourse between 5am and 10am

This park has different rules for dogs depending on where you are in the park, and what time of day it is!

In most parts of the park, your dog needs to be on a lead. There are different rules for the pathway along the stream, and near the racecourse.

Most of Mangaone Stream Shared Pathway is a dog exercise area, so if you're walking along the pathway, you're welcome to have your dogs off leash – except where the pathway passes the racecourse.

No dogs are allowed near Awapuni Racecourse between 5am and 10am daily. Dogs may be walked past the racecourse on a lead outside of this time.


Mangaone Park, Aintree Crescent, Awapuni 4412  View Map

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