Do the right thing with your unwanted vehicle!

Published on 17 May 2017

A car with no number plates dumped on roadside.

If you've a car or other vehicle you no longer want, contact your local automotive dismantler or scrap metal dealer to see what you can get for it.

On average, 20 vehicles are abandoned each month, with numbers steadily rising.

Leaving an unregistered or unwarranted vehicle in a public place is illegal. Offenders risk getting ticketed up to $400, as well as additional towing and storage fees.

Illegally dumped vehicles can also generate a larger set of problems by attracting vandals and subsequent damage.

"Every effort is made to find the car owner before we can flag the vehicle as abandoned," says Council's Head of Environmental Protection Services. "This is extremely time consuming and costly.

"We want people to do the right thing. Be responsible and dispose of your vehicle through the appropriate channels."