Water conservation

Dial shows arrow pointing towards summer water use.

We monitor and manage Palmerston North's water resource. When conditions are dry we may have to ration water supply. This helps us manage the demand for water, to ensure there will be enough for the essential needs of households, businesses, and public services.

Thanks for letting us know about your water!

Our team is on it, so there’s no need to worry. We’re continuing to flush pipes in some parts of Kelvin Grove.

Even if your water still looks a little discoloured, it’s still safe to drink. But if you'd prefer not to, you can always head to Papaioea Park to fill up on water.

Here you can see what areas of the neighbourhood will be flushed over the next few days.

Maps shows the areas to be flushed and the dates

We’ll keep you posted.

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We encourage you to conserve water at every opportunity

We have a range of levers to try and avoid or delay water restrictions

Normal water use

This is how we use water over spring and winter, when there are no water restrictions or conservation measures in place. 

Summer water use

A voluntary measure from December to April, where we encourage you to use water as though we’re in level 1 water restrictions to try and help remove, or delay the need for mandatory restrictions.

We suggest you only use use water outside between 7pm and 9pm, every second day. The day you choose should be based on the number on your letterbox: even numbered houses water on even dates, and odd numbered houses on odd dates.

Read more about summer water use

Level 1 restrictions: Unattended water use evenings only, every second day

We encourage people to minimise water use. Unattended hoses, sprinklers, and garden irrigation systems can only be used between 7pm and 9pm: even houses on even days, and odd houses on odd days. Handheld hoses can be used at any time.

Level 2 restrictions: Unattended water use prohibited

Unattended hoses, sprinklers, and garden irrigation systems cannot be used at all. Handheld hoses can be used between 7pm and 9pm: even numbered houses on even dates, and odd numbered houses on odd dates.

Commercial activities requiring hoses aren't restricted but we encourage operators to minimise water use or reschedule the work until the restrictions are lifted. 

Level 3 restrictions: All outdoor water use prohibited

Unattended hoses, sprinklers, garden irrigation systems and handheld hoses or watering cans cannot be used in your garden. Car washing, household maintenance and outdoor washing by handheld hose are also prohibited. Filling swimming pools, spa pools and paddling pools is prohibited.

Commercial activities requiring water use via hoses may only be carried out with the permission of Council.

Essential water use only

This is only be used in a severe water shortage, or if we have a burst water main and need to do urgent repairs. We provide guidance at the time about what water use is acceptable. 

10 easy tips to save water in your home and garden

Every drop matters, especially in the dry season. There are loads of easy ways to use a bit less water – and help make a big difference – so please read on, pick something new that's simple for you, and be water-smarter this summer.

Save water inside

  • Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth – this can save 6 litres of water a minute.
  • Fill a jug or bottle with tap water and place it in your fridge – this way, you don't have to leave the tap running for the water to run cold before you fill your glass.
  • Fix a dripping tap – a dripping tap can waste 15 litres of water a day.
  • Use full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher – this cuts out unnecessary washes in between.
  • Take shorter showers – showering can use up to 18 litres of water a minute. If you cut your shower time from 10 minutes to five, you could save as much as 90 litres of water.

Save water outside

  • Mulch your garden to keep moisture in – mulch can cut evaporation by up to 70 per cent.
  • Remove weeds – weeds compete for available moisture.
  • Control your hose with trigger – you can stop and start the hose instantly and direct water where you need it, so you don't waste a drop.
  • Sweep paths and decks instead of hosing them clean.
  • Use a bucket of soapy water and a sponge to clean your car instead of a hose – this can save 10-15 litres of water a minute.

Pick up more water conservation tips on the Smarter Homes website.