Rates remission and postponements

A rates remission reduces a rates bill. We are able to reduce or clear rates in certain circumstances. If you think you have grounds for a rates remission, contact us by the annual closing date.

Palmerston North City Council has adopted a number of policies which allow it to consider applications for remitting or postponing rates.

A rates remission reduces a rates bill. This enables us to mitigate the effects of any inequities in our rating system, promote social wellbeing, and help conserve our city's natural, historic and cultural resources.

Reasons why rates may be remitted or postponed include:

  • providing relief from rates to charitable organisations where the land is used principally for sporting, recreation or community purposes
  • contributing to city sustainability through providing relief to property owners who have voluntarily protected land or buildings of natural or cultural heritage value
  • postponing payment if ratepayers are experiencing severe financial hardship
  • reducing wastewater charges for schools
  • ensuring homeowners who live in commercial or industrial zoned areas are not unduly penalised.

Applications for remission are considered annually. Organisations must reapply each year.

Find out more about the policies that guide the remission and postponement of rates in the extract below from our 10-Year Plan.

If you think your organisation might qualify for rates remission, please contact Customer Services for information about how to apply. Community, sporting and other non-profit organisations can apply using the application form below.

Rates remission and postponement policies: extracted from 10 Year Plan 2018-28(PDF, 128KB)

Rates remission application form for community, sporting and other non-profit organisations(PDF, 129KB)

Community, sporting and other non-profit organisations granted rates remissions in the last rating year(PDF, 120KB)