Coping with stray cats

Published on 29 January 2019

A stray cat sits on rubbish-covered concrete.

Cat breeding season is in full swing now which often sees an increase in stray cats. Our environmental protection team has some tips if you find a stray this year, and how to stop it visiting your house.

If you find a stray cat

  • Don't feed it, it will become a frequent visitor
  • Ask your neighbours if they know whose cat it is
  • Put a notice up at the local vet or supermarket
  • Call the SPCA
  • Advertise it as a found cat on Facebook, Pets on the Net or Trade Me

How to stop a stray staying at your house

  • Sprinkle crushed eggshells, chilli or pepper flakes, citrus peels, tea leaves, coffee grounds around your vege and flower gardens
  • Consider planting garlic, geranium, rue, lemon thyme and cactus in your gardens as they don't like digging there. Don't plant catnip. Cats love it!
  • Sprinkle pine cones around where they are toileting. You can also mix up a bottle of half white vinegar and half water to spray on the area
  • Fill some ribbed water bottles and place them around toileting areas – they don't like the reflective light so will avoid those spots
  • Head to your local pet or hardware shop and get some repellent products

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