Active Communities Fund

Everyone should have equal access to opportunities to play sport and take part in regular physical activity. However, families who cannot afford to participate often miss out. We created this fund to level the playing field and enable more people to be more active, more often.

What the fund covers

This fund aims to remove financial barriers to participation and help us achieve our goal of having the most active community in New Zealand. It will do that by providing:

  • activity-related costs
  • equipment not provided through a club, school or activity provider
  • uniform, clothing or footwear
  • facility fees or event costs
  • access to one-on-one or small group coaching
  • opportunities that support a lifelong love of being physically active
  • travel-related costs

Who the fund is for

The Active Communities Fund is for individuals, families, children and youth who might be financially disadvantaged to participate in their chosen sport or physical activity.