Rubbish and recycling facilities

Find your nearest recycling centre or transfer station and check their opening hours.

Recycle these items free at all our facilities

Please only drop off your recycling during opening hours. We don't want it blowing around. All plastic, metal and glass needs to be thoroughly washed in hot water.

Ferguson Street recycling centre

Bring your recycling and e-waste here, including batteries from handheld devices and lead-acid batteries (mostly from cars and some power tools). This facility also accepts Tetra Pak and other liquid paperboard packaging, household motor oil and cooking oil, and children's car seats ($5 each). You can buy bags of compost here too.

545-573 Ferguson Street

Monday to Friday 7.30am to 4.30pm
Saturday 8am to 4.30pm
Sunday and public holidays 10am to 3pm

Anzac Day 1pm to 3pm

Closed on: Good Friday, Christmas Day

Payment: Cash, Eftpos or Paywave


Awapuni resource recovery park

Bring your recycling and green waste here, and buy compost and mulch. Tyre recycling is available. We accept untreated wood. The fee is $45/T.

General waste not accepted. 

Tip Road, Palmerston North

Monday to Saturday 7.30am to 4.30pm
Sundays and public holidays 12pm to 4pm

Anzac Day 1pm to 4pm

Closed on: Good Friday, Christmas Day

Payment: Cash, Eftpos or Paywave

Ashhurst transfer station

Bring your recycling, green waste and general rubbish here. 

Mulgrave Street

Tuesday 1pm to 3pm
Saturday 10am to 4pm

Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day

Payment: Cash, Eftpos or Paywave

EnviroWaste transfer station

Palmerston North has one refuse transfer station for general rubbish, which is privately owned and operated by EnviroWaste. There is a fee to use this service, however rubbish in Palmerston North City Council rubbish bags will be accepted for free.

31 Matthews Ave

For hours and pricing, please see the EnviroWaste website.




No fly-tipping

Never dump rubbish at our drop off points. We have CCTV cameras in place, and you will risk a $400 illegal dumping fine. Take your rubbish to the privately owned Matthews Ave Transfer Station instead.


Visit our Recycling Centre!

We love to teach our community about how they can look after our environment better.

We offer small fieldtrips to our recycling centre in Awapuni for school or educational groups, or community groups.

Our recycling plant will be operating while you visit which means there are some health and safety obligations as part of the tour. Everyone will need to wear closed in shoes, hi-vis (we supply this) and earplugs, and be warned that it can be noisy and smelly. There is also machinery moving around the site so children need to be closely supervised.

We only have a couple of tours available each month so that we can keep up with the city’s recycling.

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