Bylaws are laws set by local authorities for their region. This page outlines the laws in Palmerston North for things that Council is responsible for enforcing.


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The Alcohol Control Bylaw establishes a liquor ban area in the central city, into which alcohol cannot be brought, possessed, or consumed. It doesn’t cover licensed premises like bars, cafes and restaurants.

This bylaw will next be reviewed in 2025.

The Speed Limits Bylaw sets out the legal speed limits for all roads under the control of Palmerston North City Council.

In 2022, the National Speed Limit Register was brought into effect by Waka Kotahi. All speed limits were transferred from this bylaw to the register, and that has become the legal basis for all speed limits in the city.

The Speed Limits Bylaw has now become defunct and will be revoked in 2023.  

The Traffic and Parking Bylaw sets out the controls and restrictions that the Council can impose on how roads are used, such as parking controls, use of vehicles on footpaths, special vehicle lanes, and turning restrictions.

This bylaw is made under the Land Transport Act 1998 and does not have a mandatory review date, however we amended the bylaw in 2023, following public consultation.

The Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw helps to ensure that our rubbish and recycling is being effectively managed. It sets out the rules for:

  • Council’s kerbside collection services
  • a licensing system for commercial waste collectors
  • unsolicited mail
  • managing waste at events.

On 18 December 2023 the Council amended the administration manual for this bylaw. The amendment changes the list of approved and prohibited diverted materials to align to requirements for nationally-standardised kerbside recycling collections.

This bylaw will next be reviewed in 2031.

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