Parking meter system

Photo shows closeup of parking meter.

Palmerston North's parking meter system uses bay sensing technology. Here's how it works.

Parking meters in Palmerston North may be different to what you're used to. Most Council car parks are fitted with sensors that are activated each time a car drives in or out.
  1. Find your bay number, located on the kerb in front of on-street parks, or painted in off-street parking spaces.
  2. Enter your bay number at the meter using the key pad. Then either insert coins or select a different payment type and follow the onscreen instructions to pay by credit card.
  3. Confirm you're buying the right amount of time. Paying for more parking after completing your transaction will void any time you have remaining. If you want to buy more time, wait until your current purchase has expired. However, do not purchase parking beyond the signposted time limit.
  4. Complete your transaction: press the arrow indicated on the meter if you'd like a printed receipt or 'OK' if you don't. We recommend you print a receipt to remind you what time you need to be back at the meter. Either way, you need to complete this step or your payment won't go through.
  5. You're done. There is no need to display a ticket in your windscreen.

Some off-street car parks in Palmerston North are pay and display or pay by plate. These are clearly marked.

Use your smartphone to find a park and pay

Pay for parking on your smartphone using the Frogparking mobile app. The app will even let you know which spaces are free, so you never have to waste time looking for a park again.