Relocating a house

If you're planning to relocate a house in Palmerston North, or to move a house on the same section, you'll need to get your consents sorted first.

You will need resource consent and building consent to relocate a house to land zoned residential.

Relocating a house to rural zoned land no longer requires a resource consent, but you still need a building consent.

The house's external appearance and structure must be reinstated to a reasonable standard, and the new location will need to comply with the District Plan.

What you need to apply for resource consent

You will need to provide:

  • Site plan at 1:100 scale showing the house location.
  • Elevation plans showing the house and floor plan.
  • Photos of the house to be relocated.
  • A building report detailing how structurally sound the building is and what upgrade work is needed.
  • Details of any trees that will need to be moved to get the house off its existing site.
  • A cash bond, assessed when you apply.

If the house is coming from outside Palmerston North, you need to arrange for a building report. 

What it costs

You'll need to pay a cash bond before the house is moved to its new site. We'll let you know the amount as a condition on the resource consent. The bond amount is assessed by a planning officer to cover the cost of reinstatement work and will vary depending on the state of the house.

For example, the resource consent might require you to paint the exterior, or fix the exterior cladding, joinery, roofing or spouting.

If there will be multiple houses on the site or if there is a proposed subdivision, you may need to pay a development contribution.

To find out more contact our building and planning team.