Reserve management plans

Some of our parks have special guidelines for their ongoing management and future development. 

See also: asset management plans.

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Council's management plan for the Kahuterawa outdoor recreation area.

Part one sets the direction for the management of the Kahuterawa outdoor recreation area, including Woodpecker Forest.

Part two sets the long-term direction for the management of Woodpecker Forest, and the linked areas around the Kahuterawa Road end to ensure they provide maximum benefit to the whole community.

This plan created in consultation with the community sets out our development plans for Memorial Park over 10 years, from 2017 to 2027.

The plan:

  • documents the existing values and characteristics of the park
  • considers a longer-term strategy for enhancing these values and characteristics
  • sets out recommendations for enhancing and replacing existing facilities and adding new ones, as well as changes to the park layout
  • provides a set of priorities for development expenditure over 10 years


Map of the draft plans for Memorial Park.

This plan provides for the ongoing protection, development and management of Victoria Esplanade. It forms an integral part of making sure the city’s most popular public space is enjoyed by future generations.

A full version of the plan is available to download along with the framework, which summarises the key elements.

Please note that decisions on which projects go ahead and when are made through Council's long-term plan and annual budget processes.

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