Duplicate water main commissioned

Published on 16 December 2021


Palmy's water supply is more resilient following the commissioning of a new duplicate water main.

A duplicate water main activated on Monday is set to protect Palmy's water supply against earthquakes and other emergencies.

Construction started more than two years ago on the pipe that runs from the Turitea Water Treatment Plant to the Ngahere Park Reservoirs.

Water and Waste Operations Manager Mike Monaghan says upgrading the pipe increases our resilience, allowing us to supply our growing city with water if any major operational problems occur with the existing pipe.

“The original pipe was 60cm in diameter, made of steel and lined with concrete. The new pipe runs alongside the previous one and is 45cm in diameter. It is made from a thick plastic material that can move in an earthquake.”

The new duplicate main was constructed adjacent to the existing main, which means the water supply can be switched between the two pipes.

“This means water supply into the city will remain unaffected if one needs to be turned off for repairs,” Monaghan says.

He extends his thanks to Turitea residents for their patience over the past two years as the project was under construction in their neighbourhood.

Chief Infrastructure Officer, Sarah Sinclair, says this upgrade to our water network is important as two-thirds of Palmy's water comes from the Turitea Dam in the Tararua Ranges.

After being treated, water travels through our main pipe to pump stations, and then onto homes and businesses across the city.

The rest of the city’s water comes from bores scattered around the city.

“Commissioning this new water main protects our city’s water supply for both future demand and emergencies – be they operational or natural,” Sinclair says.

“This means our residents will have access to healthy drinking water if we encounter any problems in future.”

Any residents experiencing ongoing problems with their water supply are encouraged to contact our friendly team on 06 356 8199.

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