Mobility scooters

We're proud to be able to offer mobility scooters for hire along our awa and the Victoria Esplanade.

The scooters can only be used along the river pathway between Albert Street and Ahimate Reserve, and up to the Turitea Pā/Urban Eels platform along He Ara Kotahi. The scooters can also be used throughout the Victoria Esplanade.

While the scooters are free to hire, we encourage a donation to help us take care of the ongoing maintenance.

Users will need to sign a hire agreement which sets out guidelines for who can use them, how to use them safely and to ensure they remain in good condition.


Mobility scooters are available from 8am to 4pm in winter and 8am to 7pm in summer. They're available on any day that the Lido Aquatic Centre is open. Scooters are bookable for a maximum of 4 hours and bookings can be made at the Lido.

Two men are riding mobility scooters on the He Ara Kotahi bridge.

Tips for a safe journey


  • Always listen and watch for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Remember you are nearer the ground so it is harder for drivers to see you.
  • Please don't remove the flag from the scooter.
  • Use rear vision mirrors to see hazards coming up behind you.
  • Always check over your shoulder when changing direction.
  • Your scooter has indicators, please use them.
  • If weather conditions are overcast, use your headlights.


  • Adjust your speed to the conditions. Don't travel faster than surrounding pedestrians.
  • If you're travelling slowly, move to one side of the path so others can pass.
  • When you stop the scooter, turn off the key or take your hand off the power control.
  • Always watch for cars reversing.


  • Take particular care when manoeuvring on sharp corners or slopes.
  • Be careful when on uneven surfaces.
  • Be aware that the side of off-road unsealed paths can be soft and tilt the scooter. Do not pull the wheels off the edge of paths.
  • Avoid the narrow tracks in the Victoria Esplanade bush area – they can be uneven and have roots making them poor scooter routes.
  • Approach kerbs head-on.
  • Reduce your speed when going down a slope.
  • Avoid steep slopes.
  • Don't let anybody stand or sit on your scooter while you're using it.