Awapuni Park

Photo shows aerial view of lawn tennis courts surrounded by shrubs with raised garden beds in the foreground.

Come play tennis with the kids, visit the playground or week the community vegetable gardens.

Fenced playground for your littlies

You can take your children to the fully-fenced playground for children under age 5.

The playground sits next to a daycare, so all the equipment is height appropriate for your littlies.

Included is a ladybird slide, swings, small rubber mushrooms and a fort with slides. For older kids, there is climbing equipment and an adjustable basketball hoop.

Image shows a playground with metal fence.

Dog access

Dogs are allowed in Awapuni Park if they are on-leash. No dogs are allowed in the fenced children's playground.

Community vegetable gardens

The Awapuni Community Gardens offer land access for growing food and an opportunity to share knowledge and resources.

The gardens work on an allotment-style where individuals (usually whānau) take ‘ownership’ of a bed to grow food for themselves.

There are also some shared community beds at the gardens. There are over 50 families and groups involved in the Awapuni Community Gardens. These gardens are administered by the Pascal Street Community Trust.

The Awapuni Community Gardens began in September 2011 as the Crewe Community Gardens at a site in Crewe Crescent. After housing development forced a relocation, the gardens were established here at Awapuni Park in 2018.

The gardens are open to the public. Most of the beds are looked after by individuals or families, so please do not pick the produce unless there are signs on the beds giving permission.

You can get involved by attending working bees most Saturday mornings from 8.30am.  

Aerial view of two tennis courts sitting next to community vegetable gardens


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