Parking permits and exemptions

Photo shows an older couple walking hand in hand in a PN city street lined with cars and trees.

If you have a SuperGold card, a mobility parking permit, are running an event, selling a car or are a contractor, you may be eligible for free parking or lower charges.

SuperGold card parking permit

If you've got one of our SuperGold card parking permits, you can park free in the central city from 9am until 3pm, Monday to Friday (these hours were extended in September).

You must be a Palmerston North ratepayer or resident to apply.

SuperGold card parking permits are available from the Council Customer Service Centre on the Square. They are valid for a calendar year (January to December) and cost $10.

To apply, bring in your SuperGold card and a current driver's licence.

You must display a valid permit in your car to qualify for the free parking.

Extended hours for SuperGold card parking permits

In early September, Council decided to extend the hours these permits could be used. The new hours are 9am to 3pm on weekdays.

If you already have a permit you can keep using it like normal, and you don’t need to do anything else. Permits for 2024 will be updated to reflect the new times.

If you don’t have a permit, you can visit our Customer Service Centre to purchase one for the remainder of the year. 

Residential parking permits

This free permit is for people who live in a street with parking time limits. Displaying a valid permit in your car exempts you from the time limits.

Please note, this is not for streets with metered parking.

To apply, visit our customer service centre on the Square. You’ll need to bring the following things with you:

  • Proof of address (a bank statement or utility bill etc)
  • Driver’s licence       
  • Vehicle details (make, model, proof of vehicle registration and owner’s name)

We’ll also need your contact phone number or email address.

Alternatively, you can email the information to us: 

Residential parking permits are valid for a calendar year (January to December). You need to renew your permit annually. 

To do this, simply give us a call on 06 356 8199 to confirm your details are still the same. Then we'll get your new permit ready for you to pick up from our customer service centre. If any of your details have changed, please re-apply as outlined above.

Mobility parking permits and meter access cards

Mobility parking permits are administered by CCS Disability Action.

Motorists displaying a valid mobility parking permit must still pay when parking in a metered space, but are entitled to an extra 60 minutes per space. Short-term parks such as P5, P10, P15, P30 and loading zones are excluded. See the mobility parking scheme flyer for more information.

We also offer a meter access card for mobility parking permit holders. The meter access card enables the holder to park in metered areas without making payment at the meter (with the exception of the restricted time parks noted above).

Meter access cards are issued annually to a specified vehicle. The current cost is $45 a year.

Meter access cards may only be used in the authorised vehicle, displayed alongside a valid mobility parking permit.

To apply for a meter access card, please contact our customer service centre on The Square.

Parking exemptions for events

Event organisers must apply at least three weeks in advance for parking exemptions.

For each metered parking space required for use during an event, a fee of $5 per space per day is payable.

Depending on the type of event or complexity of site set up, a traffic management plan may also be required. To ensure you meet all requirements for use of the road during your event, please make your request in writing to

For sale permits for private vehicles

If you've got one of our for sale permits, you can park a motor vehicle for private sale at the eastern end of the carpark at Memorial Park, on Main Street. The criteria under which these permits are issued are:

  • Applicants must visit Council's customer service centre to apply for and pick up the permit
  • Applicants must produce their driver's licence as identification
  • Applicants must know the registration plate of the vehicle being sold
  • Applicants are limited to a maximum of four vehicle sales a year. The number of permits required to sell four vehicles is limitless
  • Permits will not be issued if there are any special event/activities taking place at Memorial Park in the upcoming seven days which will restrict public parking for the purpose of selling a private motor vehicle
  • The area designated for the purpose of private motor vehicle sale is located at the eastern end of Memorial Park Car Park and has a total number of 50 car park spaces
  • The Council shall not be held responsible for any damage or theft to vehicles parked at the designated area by the applicant(s)
  • Once the permit is issued, the applicant then has the authority under the PNCC Signs and Public Spaces Bylaw to park a motor vehicle in the Memorial Park Car Park for the designated time period as stated on their permit
  • The issued permit must be displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle for sale so that it can be clearly sighted by parking wardens/inspectors or other authorised PNCC staff
  • Permit charges are $10 (including GST) per calendar week (including any statutory holidays) commencing at 12pm on Friday and expiring at 12pm on the following Friday (regardless of the day of purchase)
  • There is no allowance for any per day charge for the permit.

Meterboards for contractors

Meterboards allow contractors to park in metered spaces for longer than the specified time. The criteria under which they are issued are:

  • The charge for a meterboard is $9 per day per space, and $4.50 per half day per space. A meterboard can be purchased for a full year at a cost of $750 per annum with approval from Roading Manager. A $5 administration charge is applicable for all requests of invoicing. If the applicant appears on the Bad Debtor List we require cash up front before the meter-board is uplifted
  • The applicant must visit the Customer Service Centre to apply for and pick up the meterboard
  • The applicants are owners or operators of trade vehicles associated with building renovation or maintenance of business premises. Skip bins or heavy machinery are also included in this category. This includes all contractors who work for Council
  • Maximum issue period for meterboards is 12 months, unless approved by the Roading Manager
  • One meterboard is issued for each parking space, unless approved by the Street Opening Engineer of the Roading Division. In these specific situations, the expanded parking area is defined within the contractor's Traffic Management Plan
  • Once issued, the applicant has approval for their vehicle to park in any Palmerston North City Council metered carpark or parking area restricted by time. The meterboard should be displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle or attached to the skip bin or machinery so it can be clearly sighted by parking officers.