Community-Led Initiatives Fund

The Community-led Initiatives Fund supports the community to deliver their own small-scale initiatives, including events and projects that will contribute to Palmy’s goals of being creative and exciting, connected and safe, and an eco-city.

This new fund replaces two other funds. The Celebrating Communities Fund and the Local Initiatives Fund have now been withdrawn.

This fund is about supporting initiatives that are by the community, for the community.

For this fund, events are defined as celebratory, educational, competitive, commemorative or exhibition gatherings. It is not intended for arts or sports. Projects that are new and unique, or which might otherwise not be achieved, will be prioritised.

There are priorities for the Community-led Initiatives Fund that will be assessed when applications are considered. These include that the activity should be:

  • Delivered by and/or primary benefit the following communities – Māori, Pasifika, ethnic, refugee background, disabled people, rainbow communities, children and young people, or older people.
  • Locally focused, by taking place within Palmy’s city boundaries, or by showing a clear benefit to Palmy residents.
  • Collaborative, demonstrating partnerships and connections with other groups. This includes exploring funding options and sources, such as fundraising, sponsorship, other grants, volunteer effort and donations.
  • Of appropriate scale – this fund is not for large-scale events or projects.
  • Open to the public.

How to apply

Applications are open throughout the year until the fund is fully allocated (the average grant range is $500 to $10,000).

They must be made by a registered organisation, such as a charitable trust, incorporated society or a social enterprise. An unregistered group can apply under an umbrella organisation. The umbrella organisation must be registered and willing to oversee and monitor the use of grants made to an unregistered group.

Please apply for funding at least two months before your event or project starts.

Apply online using the link below, which will open a page on our SmartyGrants community funding website. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry and we'll get in touch to discuss your options.

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