Linklater Walkway

This dog-friendly reserve is one of the city's largest at 25.5 hectares and has a 3.1km pathway to explore.



This park is home to wetland areas and has activities for the whole whānau - human and furry! There's a Cessna 421 plane, the city's longest dual flying fox, a log and tyre scramble, a bike pump track, a dog agility area, and a frisbee golf course. For those looking for photo opportunities, this reserve has a view across the city and is perfect for plane aficionados.

Distance: 3.1km network

Contour: Gentle

Surface: Limestone, gravel, boardwalks and asphalt

Access points: Kelvin Grove Road, Roberts Line

Conveniences: Toilet, picnic tables, BBQ, gazebo, carpark, playground, dog wash

Special attractions: Views, frisbee golf, dog exercise area, plane spotting, wetlands, open parkland, photo opportunities

Dogs welcome

Linklater Reserve and walkway is a dog exercise area, where you can walk your dog off-leash (except for the children's play areas, where dogs are prohibited).

Please pick up after your dogs and ensure they're under your control at all times.


Connects to: Close to Frederick Krull Walkway