Victoria Esplanade Pathways

From native bush and established gardens, to the calm riverside, the Esplanade's walkways offer a variety of settings for exercise and leisure. Embark on multiple walks within the 2.5ha bush reserve depending on your ability and your mood.

A rāhui has been placed over Te Āpiti - Manawatū Gorge walking track following a sudden death at the western end on Wednesday 24 May. The rāhui covers the entire reserve and will be in place until 22 June.

A rāhui is a restriction or prohibition on an area following an incident, such as a death, to honour the deceased, provide spiritual protection to anyone who would enter the space unknowingly and allows the area to regenerate its mauri or life force.

Photo shows family walking along on a limestone pathway underneath leafy trees.  

Both the walkways listed below are surfaced with fine gravel and start from Victoria Esplanade. Carparking, toilets, picnic areas, BBQs, cafe, paddling pool and playgrounds are nearby.

Contour: Flat

Surface: Asphalt, gravel, forest floor

Connects to: Manawatū River shared pathway

Dogs allowed on leash. Please keep your dog under control at all times and pick up after your dog. 
symbol_dog-leash_50x50.jpg Dogs must be on leash