Miscellaneous fees and charges

Miscellaneous charges are for inspections, information and other services not specified in our other fees schedules. They include LIMs, swimming pool inspections, vehicle crossing applications and charges for Council staff, among other things.

All fees and charges include GST. Effective 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024.

These miscellaneous charges are imposed under the Local Government Act 2002. They seek to recover the cost to Palmerston North City Council for approvals, authorities and inspections not covered by the primary legislation under which the Council operates. (These being the Resource Management Act 1991, Building Act 2004, Dog Control Act 1996, Impounding Act 1955, Food Act 2014 and Land Transport Act 1998).

 Fixed fees
These are payable when a request is made to Council for a service or for information. No additional charges will be applied.
Land Information Memorandum $487
GIS inputting, per consent $204
Street number change request $438


Return of seized sound equipment: First offence $201
Return of seized sound equipment: Second or subsequent offence $470
Disconnection of alarms under the RMA Recovery of actual cost incurred by Council, including staff time and contractor costs


Food control plan auditing
This is in relation to the Food Act 2014 and includes site visits, reporting and general administration. These fees are non-refundable.
Processing an application for registration or renewal of a food control plan or a national programme $312
Verification, initial or follow-up site visits (including reporting) $194 per hour


Charges for all services are based on the actual costs incurred by the Council. Any deposits specified below are payable before the Council starts the service. The total charge for the service will be determined when the service is completed, based on the time spent on the work by the relevant officer at that officer's hourly rate.
Right of way approval (section 348) $500
Certificate of compliance, Building Code: Alcohol $109 deposit, then billed at the actual cost of the officer's time per hour
Gambling venue consent $472 plus officer's hours after 3 hours

Other charges

These fees may be applicable to a consent or may be applied as a single charge.

Photocopying or copy of scanned documents
Photocopying and scanning charges include both material and labour costs associated with the work.
 A0, A1, A2 $10 per page
 A3 50 cents per page
 A4 40 cents per page
Double-sided A3 60 cents per sheet
Double-sided A4 50 cents per sheet
Colour copies single-sided Additional charge of $1.70 per page
Colour copies double-sided Additional charge of $3.80 per sheet
Request for property information
Copy of property information At cost of officer's time per hour plus disbursements
Certificate of title $31


Swimming pools
Initial compliance inspection $226
Re-inspections (second and subsequent inspections) $226 per inspection


Vehicle crossings
These are fees per inspection
 T1 Inspect existing vehicle crossing  $241
 T2 New vehicle crossing $445
 T3 Alter an existing vehicle crossing $241


Overweight vehicle permit application fees

Overweight vehicle permit fees are set by the Land Transport (certification and other fees) Regulation 2014.

The application fees below are per permit. There will be an additional charge of $9.09 for each permit where fewer than 3 working days are available for processing.

Single, multiple trip or linked permit $18.18 
Continuous, high-productivity motor vehicle, or specialist vehicle permit  $54.55
Renewal of a continuous permit  $9.09
 Asset bonds
Council asset bond, payable for each building consent above the value of $100,000 $1,000 (no GST) 
Administration and processing fee $212
Overgrown trees or shrubbery
Removal of overgrown trees or shrubbery Recovery of actual cost incurred by Council, including staff time and contractor costs
Charges for Council officers and decision-makers
These charges are the rate per hour (or part thereof) for Council staff services, by work type, for approvals, authorities and inspections that are not listed on this page as a fixed fee.
General Manager/Group Manager $275
City Planning Manager $255
Senior Planner $235
Planning Officers and Graduate Planning Officers $220
Monitoring and Enforcement Officer $195
Team Leader Building $235
Senior Plumber and Drainage Officer and Advanced Building Officer $235
Building Officer $216
Environmental Health Officer and Environmental Health Technical Officer $208
Environmental Health Cadet $188
Senior Business Support Officer $185
Administration $135
Technical and professional staff from all other Council units $250
Commissioner At cost plus disbursements
Hearings committee chair and members At cost ($100 per hour for chair and $80 per hour for members) plus disbursements