Milverton Park

Photo shows young girl climbing on playground ropes.

Despite being in the centre of the city, nature is at the core of Milverton Park. In 2019 the old playground was removed, and a new play space installed.

We've upgraded Milverton Park to make it even more family friendly, with a new toddler playground as well as a jungle-gym style playground for older children.

The toddler playground includes a tunnel, slide and bridge, while the older kids' playground is a fort with huge steep slides to play in. The fort is so high that you feel as though you are in the canopy of the trees. In the play space, there is also a mouse wheel, swings, space net and a large balance beam made from an old tree.

Photo shows couple with their two young children and a playground in the background featuring a fort and slide.

Milverton Park tests what many people believe a playground to be. It is more than just a structure. We want children – and their parents – to see that a tree can be climbed, rocks jumped on and seats and other furniture can be balanced upon.

We've intentionally placed picnic tables in the centre of the play area so parents interact with their kids, rather than watch from the sidelines.

There's also a new half-court with an adjustable hoop for all ages.

Natural colours and elements have been carefully chosen to ensure it blends in with the iconic trees which line the park. We've also been eco-friendly with our design – the safety surfaces are made of recycled tyres and shoes and the picnic tables are made of thousands of recycled plastic bags.

Photo shows aerial view of park with lots of shade trees, new native plants, a grassed area and an awesome destination playground.  

Milverton's special history

The park was gifted to the Council in 1925 by William Milverton, whose only condition was that the land remains free for the public to use for recreation and amusement. As part of the 2019 upgrade, the park's sign has been updated to recognise the history of the site.



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