Schnell Wetland Walkway

Looking for a short walk where your dog can be off-leash? Then this is the walk for you!

Linking Schnell Drive with James Line, this section of walkway is made up of boardwalks and gravel or grassed pathways. The path rises up from the wetland through the gully up on to James Line just north of the cemetery. Interest points include an old bridge that had been intended for a railway link between Milson and Whakarongo, started in the 1920s and finally abandoned in the early 80s.


Track Difficulty Rating: 1  2  3  4  5 (1 = easy : 5 = difficult)

Distance: 0.7 kilometres

Contour: Moderate 

How to get there

You can access this walkway from entrances on James Line, Schnell Drive and Galea Grove.

Dogs welcome

This is a dog exercise area, where dogs can be walked off-leash.

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