Green Corridors

Aerial view of people walking on the bridge over a stream with native plants surrounding.

The Green Corridors programme enhances areas of native bush along streams, provides a place for wildlife to thrive, improves water quality, and creates open green spaces from the Tararua Ranges to the Manawatū River. 

Green Corridors projects are long-term and carried out with community cooperation and support. It's important to have areas of natural biodiversity close to urban areas, for both conservation and amenity. Every year, the Green Corridors programme helps to make this happen.

Green Corridors is making an impact

Since 2001 Green Corridors has planted more than 140,000 trees in Turitea Valley and Summerhill. This has created a fantastic habitat for native birds, improved water quality for native fish, and produced a beautiful bush network for walking, running, biking and relaxing. 

Who's behind it

Green Corridors is a voluntary group that works with Council to plan and oversee the planting of reserve areas to encourage native biodiversity. The group has given considerable time and expertise to establishing a series of revegetation projects and continues to seek new locations for further green corridor planting in the city.

Green Corridors is mainly made up of professionals who have the support of their employers, or who forego professional fees and personal time to be involved. Council aspires to make the city a more welcoming place for plants, birds, pollinators and fish, and increased planting contributes to this goal.


Green Corridors calculates the costs of revegetating land on a per hectare basis. The group aims to plant 10,000 plants a year. The cost per plant covers pioneer plants, planting, spray releasing and maintenance in the first year and replacement plants where needed.

Planting season

The planting season usually runs from May to September. Outside the planting season, the group plans future planting, raises seedlings and maintains existing areas.

Make a donation and offset your carbon emissions

For every $5 donated an eco-sourced native tree will be planted. Donations go into advancing our efforts to connect the Tararua Ranges to Manawatū River. For every $12,500 collected Green Corridors will be able to plant an extra hectare of native plants.

Each hectare of native plants will offset 3,825 tonnes of CO2-e over the next 50 years. Green Corridors offers individuals, businesses, and organisations an opportunity to offset their carbon emissions in a way that benefits the local community. Not only will Green Corridors tree planting offset carbon emissions but it will also further enhance the ecological and recreational features of the region.

Work with us

If you or your business, organisation or group would like to volunteer for a planting day or simply find out more about Green Corridors, contact our Green Corridors project officer, Sabrina Hinchey. Email: or phone: 06 356 8199