Building inspections

The building consent process is about protecting people and property. Building inspections enable Council staff to check that your building work meets the conditions of your building consent. 

Why we carry out building inspections

We carry out building inspections to verify that the granted building consent is being achieved through construction and complies with the Building Act 2004 and the Building Code.

At various stages during construction, you will need to arrange inspections to verify that the building work has been completed in accordance with the building consent documents. The inspections you'll need will be listed on your building consent.

When all inspections specified on your building consent are passed, you may apply for a Code Compliance Certificate. This is documented assurance you have met the Building Act requirements.

Common inspections for buildings may include but are not limited to: foundations, concrete masonry and floor slab, pre-cladding and cladding, pool fencing, wet area membranes, framing, fireplaces, pre-line building and plumbing, post-lining, drainage and final.

Sometimes it's necessary for specialists to conduct inspections in addition to the inspections carried out by the building consent authority. If a specialist inspection is necessary, you will be advised before the consent is issued. Generally, these inspections are necessary to confirm ground stability or specific design by a registered engineer.