Social housing

Looking for an affordable home to rent in Palmerston North? We may be able to help.

Please note, while we prioritise applicants based on housing need, there is currently a minimum wait time of 12 months.

Contact us to get on the waiting list.

Subsidised housing for over-65s and some beneficiaries

Council owns self-contained flats in convenient locations around Palmerston North. The rent is subsidised for superannuitants and people receiving a supported living payment or similar benefit.

Am I eligible for a subsidised flat?

  • You need to be 65 or over and have a low income, or over 18 and receiving a supported living payment or similar benefit
  • Any assets you have must be under $40,000 (excluding a car, household and personal effects, and prepaid funeral arrangements).
  • You also need to have enough support in place to live independently.

If this sounds like you, please contact us to get on the waiting list.

Rental housing for families and low-income earners

We also have some unsubsidised rental accommodation for families or single people on low incomes.

To be eligible you need to have a low income or be an international student family from a developing country, and have assets under $40,000.

Rents are set at market rates and reviewed annually.

Contact us to get on the waiting list.

Who qualifies as low income?

We’re currently reviewing how to determine who has a low income and are looking to provide an update shortly. The key change is we are no longer using community services cards as a way of determining eligibility.

How to apply for a Council flat

The first step is to have a chat with one of our housing team. Call 06 356 8199 and ask to speak to one of our housing tenancy officers.

We will then need to meet with you to help you fill out your application.

Please note, we are not able to give a definite timeframe for when there might be a suitable property available, but we do prioritise applicants based on their housing need. There is currently a minimum wait time of 12 months.


All Council flats require a bond of 4 weeks rent plus the first 2 weeks rent in advance.