Information request charges

This page details the charging guidelines for requests for information under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, commonly known as LGOIMAs.

All charges include GST.

Any request for personal information made by the individual concerned is not subject to any charge.

In all other cases, if the aggregate amount of staff time spent in actioning the request exceeds one hour then the basis of charging is as follows.

After the first hour:

  • an initial charge of $38 for the first chargeable half hour or part thereof
  • then $38 for each additional half hour or part thereof.

Where repeated requests from the same source are made in respect of a common subject in any eight-week period, requests after the first request shall be aggregated for charging purposes.

Photocopying on standard A4 paper where the total number of pages exceeds 20 pages shall be charged as follows:

  • 20 cents for each page after the first 20 pages.

All other charges incurred shall be fixed at an amount which recovers the actual costs involved. This includes:

  • producing a document on computer disc or other like equipment
  • the retrieval of information off-site
  • reproducing a film, video or audio recording
  • arranging for the requester to view an audio or visual recording
  • providing a copy of any map, plan or other document larger than A4 size.

Where a request is made for commercial information, the charge imposed shall be the actual costs involved in producing and supplying the information of commercial value. However, the full cost of producing it in the first instance should not be charged to subsequent requesters.

Where the free threshold is only exceeded by a small margin it is a matter of discretion whether any fee should be paid and if so, how much.

A charge may be modified or waived at the discretion of the Unit Manager where payment might cause the requester financial hardship, or where remission or reduction of the charge would facilitate good relations with the public or assist the Council in its work. 

The charge may not include allowance for:

  • locating and retrieving information which is not where it ought to be
  • time spent deciding whether or not access should be allowed and in what form.

A deposit may be required where the charge is likely to exceed $76 or where some assurance of payment is required. A deposit may only be requested after a decision has been made to make the information available. 

Where a charge is made, the requester is to be notified of the charge and method of calculating it beforehand, and this fact is to be noted on the appropriate file. The requester is also to be advised of his or her right of appeal to the Ombudsman.

The charges specified in these guidelines do not apply where separate specific charges have been set by the Council.