Papaioea Park

Aerial view of sportsfields surrounded by suburban homes.

This park has a playground and a sportsground that's used for cricket in summer and football in winter.

We have a tap offering fluoride and chlorine free water at Papaioea Park

We have a water tap that draws from the park’s bore for residents who prefer to drink water without fluoride and chlorine added.

You must run the tap for 60 seconds prior to use. Due to the risk of bacteria growth over time, we recommend ensuring all bottles and containers are thoroughly cleaned before filling and water is not stored for long periods of time before consumption.

The tap is located at the Featherston Street entrance, and it is available daily from 6.30am to 9pm.

For more information on cleaning of containers and storage of this water, check out the links below.


Papaioea Park, Ruahine Street, Roslyn 4414  View Map

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