Moving large loads

Overweight or oversized loads could need a permit or special permissions.

Read up on the rules and apply for permits on the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency website.

Overweight loads

To get permission for an overweight load, download and complete the NZ Transport Agency's Overweight Permit Application.

Oversized loads

To get a permit for an oversize load, go to:

Local routes where you can operate HPMV trucks on a permit.


  • Alderson Drive
  • Armstrong Street
  • Bennett Street
  • Botanical Road – only from Pioneer Highway to Church Street
  • Bourke Street – only to Walding Street
  • Cambridge Avenue
  • Church Street – only to The Warehouse, via Pioneer Highway and Botanical Road


  • El Prado Drive
  • Francis Way
  • Gillespies Line – only to PGG Wrightson Grains at 384 Gillespies Line
  • Hillcrest Road
  • Jasper Place


  • Kaimanawa Street
  • Kairanga Bunnythorpe Road – to Gillespies Line
  • Keith Street
  • Kelvin Grove Road
  • Kendalls Line
  • Longburn Rongotea Road – to Manawatū District Council boundary


  • Main Street
  • Makomako Road
  • Malden Street
  • Matthews Avenue to Tremaine Avenue
  • Maxwells Line
  • Mcleavey Drive
  • Mihaere Drive – don't cross railway bridge
  • Milson Line – only to Malden Street intersection
  • Mulgrave Street


  • Neil Lane
  • No1 Line – from Manawatū District Council boundary to Tremaine Ave
  • Pioneer Highway
  • Pitt Street


  • Railway Road
  • Rangitikei Line
  • Reserve Road – only to Fonterra Longburn (2 Reserve Rd). Continuing along the road to No1 Line is not permitted.
  • Roberts Line
  • Roxburgh Crescent – from Ruahine Street to Higgins only
  • Ruahine Street – to Higgins, Roxburgh Crescent


  • Saddle Road
  • Salisbury Street
  • Setters Line
  • SH3 to Wanganui Road (via Turakina)
  • Shelley Street
  • Te Matai Road – only use northern entrance to Te Matai Road (Ashhurst side) to Higgins metal quarry (two bridges can't be crossed using the southern entrance to the road)
  • Tremaine Avenue to Rangitikei Line (SH3)


  • Valor Drive
  • Walding Street
  • Wanganui Road to Bonny Glen landfill
  • Works Road