Clock tower lighting

For national or international days, the lighting on the clock tower can be changed to a specific colour.

Image shows the clock tower lighting red and blue in early evening

We also tend to change the colour of the clock tower's lighting, for reasons such as:

  • National holidays – e.g. Anzac Day
  • Popular symbolic or celebration days – e.g. St Patricks Day
  • As part of an event which is booked in Te Marae o Hine/The Square
  • One-off events as requested by the Mayor or Chief Executive – e.g. after an overseas disaster or event
  • Local celebrations – e.g. a Turbos' rugby game win

Bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis and can only be made for up to two days.

If you're part of a registered charity, get in touch with our team and enquire.