Dispose of your chemical waste

Photo shows box of common household chemicals, like pesticides and weedkiller.

Using chemicals can be unavoidable, so it's important you know how to dispose of them safely.

Some common chemicals found around your house and garden.

Chemical waste can be anything you use for gardening, cleaning your home or pool, maintaining your property, or for driving or fuelling power tools.

If these chemicals end up in the wrong place, they can cause some nasty damage.

First, never tip chemicals down your drains outside – this can travel to our wastewater treatment plant where it damages our equipment, or it could end up directly in our waterways.

Your rubbish bin also isn't the right place.

Please contact a chemical collection and disposal company to dispose of these items safely. 

From time-to-time we also hold a free chemical waste day, where you can register to drop off your old chemicals and we'll arrange for them to be recycled. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or our events section for details of the next event.