Council launches new waste reduction hub

Published on 02 August 2021

Photo shows assortment of eco-friendly swaps to make around the home.

We're making it easier for Palmy residents to look after the environment with a new website hub focused on reducing waste.

Residents have been asking us for more information about how they can make better choices for the planet, and this new hub does just that! now has a range of information answering the most common questions Council receives about rubbish, recycling and waste.

The topics include:

  • Our services and facilities: Our kerbside collection services for rubbish and recycling, what goes in which bin or crate, our recycling and food waste services for businesses, information about our rubbish bags, and our recycling drop off points.
  • Reducing waste: Reducing waste around your home and while you are out, reducing garden and food waste, our guide to Palmy thrift shops, making your own compost and what shops allow you to refill your drink bottle when you are out, community gardens and Palmy's waste warriors.
  • Our advanced recycling services: Information about our garden waste, electronic waste, battery, cooking oil, motor oil and car seat recycling.
  • Plastics overview: What the different plastic numbers mean, what we collect and the difference between biodegradable and compostable
  • Waste overview: This is an education resource section including facts and figures about Palmy's waste situation, what council is doing about waste, what the government is doing about waste, and where your recycling goes once it has been collected.
  • Getting involved: We've created two new forms. The first is to book recycling bins for your events. The second is a form where you can register interest in having a community clean up where we can indicate potential locations and supply gloves, rubbish bags and disposal. The existing form to report illegal dumping also remains.

Our popular search tools for finding out your rubbish and recycling day, and our guide which tells you what can be recycled, remain.

Waste and Water Manager, Mike Monaghan says the new hub has something for everyone.

"We're committed to making it as easy as possible to help our community do the right thing, and we believe this new information will do just that. This hub is just the first step. Later in the year we will also be running a major campaign around the city about simple switches to minimise waste."

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