Fire permits

There are times when you might need a permit to have a fire outside. Check the fire season status to find out what the rules are.

Always check the fire season status before you light a fire.

Dial 111 to report an open air fire that looks dangerous.

If you have any questions about lighting fires, call Fire and Emergency New Zealand on 0800 658 628.

Fire permits, fire seasons, and fire hazards

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is responsible for fire control in all urban and rural locations. This includes:

How to get a fire permit

Palmerston North City Council no longer issues fire permits. This responsibility transferred to Fire and Emergency New Zealand on 1 July 2018.

When assessing your fire permit, Fire and Emergency will take into consideration a range of factors including the location of your proposed fire, the weather, and other conditions that may increase the risk of the fire getting out of control.

For information about what the fire season means for you, the current season in your location, how to safely light a fire, fire types, and how to apply for a permit, go to