Common boundary fences

Wanting to build or repair a fence between your property and one of the Council's parks or reserves? Good news, if you meet certain requirements we may pay up to half the cost.

For us to consider your application we need to see your Certificate of Title. If it contains a Fencing Agreement in Deed or Fencing Covenant this means we are not responsible for the cost of erecting, maintaining or repairing a fence.

If your certificate does not contain this covenant and you would like to request we share the costs of a fence, please fill in the notice of intent to erect or repair a common boundary fence and return it to our Parks & Reserves team. The form has details of how you get it back to us.

Notice of intent to erect or repair a common boundary fence(PDF, 116KB)

If we oppose any of your plans, we will reply within 21 working days of getting your notice. If you do not receive a reply within this time you have the right to go ahead with the work and we will have to pay half the cost.

Work needs to be completed within 90 days of the date given in your notice for starting work. After this period all arrangements will lapse. Any fence erected between private and Council land needs to be maintained in good condition.

Picture shows playground in a neighbourhood reserve and wooden fences between the park and the homes along its border.  

You can see the common boundary fences in the background of this photo, between the reserve and the neighbouring homes.

The requirements

To ensure new fences are well built, reasonably priced, and can be easily maintained your fence needs to meet the requirements set out below. The colour of the fence on the reserve side is confirmed by the Manager of Parks & Reserves.

Paling fence

  • Between 1m high and 1.8m high, posts 100 x 75mm and placed no more than 2.75 metres apart
  • Upright timber palings well nailed to 2-3 rails with a gap of no more than 40mm between palings
  • All rails and palings should be tanalised and ground posts treated
  • Concrete mowing strip of at least 125mm parallel to the central line of the fence. (This strip should be at least 150mm wide from point directly beneath the outermost face of the fence on the side towards the Council land.)

Close boarded fence

  • Same conditions as for a paling fence, but with no gap between the boards


  • Information on installing pedestrian gates into parks and reserves should be included in the Notice for approval
  • The gate should be for foot traffic only, no more than 1 metre wide, and open away from the reserve. This is because we don't want public vehicles accessing our reserves
  • We encourage you to lock the pedestrian gate on your side of the property, for security

Approved types of fences

We may approve other types of fences as long as they fit in with the sort of park you live by. Hedges or any form of living fence cannot be approved due to ongoing costs associated with the maintenance and upkeep. In any case we will only pay half the cost of the standard fence type which is closest to the one you build.