Council's emergency management role

Our civil defence and emergency management team can help you prepare for emergencies. Find out what we do and how emergencies are managed in our city.

Council's role

Palmerston North City Council must: 

  • Ensure it can function to the fullest possible extent during and after an emergency.
  • Provide support to our emergency services: Police, Fire, Ambulance.
  • Plan and provide for civil defence emergency management within its own district.
  • Provide support to our community during a significant emergency event.

The Palmerston North civil defence & emergency management (CDEM) team:

  • Applies the four Rs of emergency management (Reduction, Readiness, Response, Recovery) in order to achieve a safer Palmerston North.
  • Co-ordinates the response with emergency services, lifeline utilities, volunteers, community groups and others.
  • Supports local, regional and central government agencies.
  • Provides education and training for community groups, schools, workplaces and businesses.

Contact our team

Phone: 06 356 8199

How emergencies are managed

  • The Mayor or Deputy Mayor may declare a state of local emergency.
  • A Civil Defence Controller coordinates the emergency response.
  • A Controller and Police may use emergency powers depending on the situation.

Neighbourhood Support

We work closely with Police and Fire and Emergency New Zealand on the Palmerston North Neighbourhood Support programme and encourage you to become involved in your local group.