Park right in Palmy!

To keep everyone safe, and keep traffic moving efficiently, we need everyone to park right.

From Tuesday 21 November until New Year’s Eve, we are issuing warnings with educational material to anyone who parks over footpaths and cycle lanes to help remind everyone where you shouldn’t park. This includes both our central city streets and residential areas.  

Where we identify a significant safety risk, such as parking over a yellow line or parking in a bus stop, we will still issue a fine.  

Our parking wardens will be on the lookout, but you can also report poor parking behaviour.  

Never park over a footpath 

We know people don’t intentionally choose to park over a footpath (well, we hope not!) but sometimes while waiting in the vehicle crossing or driveway, their car can cover part or all of the footpath. 

Our footpaths need to remain clear for people to use. This is especially important for people with accessibility needs, mobility scooter users, and children. When footpaths are blocked, people have to either go onto a person’s property or walk onto the road to get around.  

Parking in a cycleway puts people on bikes at risk 

Cycleways are for people on bikes – not parked cars.  

If bike riders have to veer around a parked vehicle, it’s far more dangerous for them.  

If e-scooters are on the footpath, call the e-scooter company 

If you can lift the e-scooter off the footpath, please do so. If it is too heavy or you are not able to, please call the e-scooter company and let them know it is blocking a footpath. They can arrange for it to be moved. 

Find out more about e-scooters in Palmy (includes operator contact details)

Make a complaint

You should always contact us if you see a parking concern so we can follow it up. Phone: 06 356 8199  

We know there are instances where people want to report dangerous parking to us with a photo. We’ve launched a new online form so you can do just that. 

We can't fine people our parking wardens haven't verified in person. Instead, we'll use this information to post a letter to the registered car owner to let them know they’ve been spotted breaking these important road rules, and they could risk a fine for doing that.

For us to be able to do this we need you to provide at least 2 images (if it's safe to get them). We don’t encourage you to take a photo while you are driving, or if it puts you in a dangerous position – we don’t want a case of neighbours at war!
  • One image needs to be of the vehicle parked in a way that is breaking one of these rules. This could also apply where a driver is still sitting in the car in one of these locations for a period of time (eg, school pick-up).
  • One image needs to clearly show the numberplate.
We also need the location, date and time, and your contact name and email address (note, these won't be passed on to anyone. We collect this data so we can verify the details of what you saw).