Cloverlea Park

Photo shows the entrance of Cloverlea Park

We have started upgrading the playground at Cloverlea Park.

To do this, our contractors removed the old playground and they are building a new concrete pathway through the park. Soon the new playground will be assembled too. We’re hoping to have it reopened early 2023.

Cloverlea Park was due some attention to bring it up to standard – it was pretty old. Thanks for everyone’s feedback on what you wanted to see in the new design. We took it on board and made this a natural-themed playground with wooden play equipment, a flying fox, and a spinner repurposed from Memorial Park.

In addition to upgrading the playground, we are also building paths across the park to make it easier to access and improve walking and cycling options, adding a drinking fountain and improving the shade on offer. 

Check out a sneak peak in the video– which was supplied by Playground Centre, the company that designed the playground.


Cloverlea Park, 73 Herbert Avenue, Cloverlea 4412  View Map

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