Natural and Cultural Heritage Incentive Fund

If you own a heritage building, tree or other object listed in the District Plan, Council may be able to provide financial assistance towards its maintenance and preservation.

The Natural and Cultural Heritage Incentive Fund has four categories to help with heritage projects. Given the requirements of the Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Act 2016, its primary priority is earthquake strengthening listed heritage buildings.

Which category is right for you?

Strengthening Palmy history

This funding is targeted at earthquake prone heritage buildings and street character buildings that require strengthening. Grant funding is available for feasibility studies (phase one), working drawings (phase two), and structural works (phase three).

Protecting Palmy history

This funding helps owners look after our most significant heritage buildings and sites. It's available for conservation, maintenance, repair, and restoration of scheduled heritage buildings and sites.

Promoting Palmy history

This funding supports community-led heritage education, research or promotion projects.

Notable Palmy trees

This funding helps notable tree owners with the costs of minor maintenance and trimming.

How to apply

Apply online using the link below, which will open a page on our SmartyGrants community funding website. From there, choose which category you're applying under, and complete the application form under your chosen fund. 

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