Mangaone Stream Shared Pathway

Strap on your helmet or get your walking shoes on and follow this easy, dog-friendly pathway alongside the Mangaone Stream. It stretches from Tōtara Road all the way through to Milson Line and Flygers Line.


Depending on what type of walk or ride you're looking to do, you could be cruising anywhere from 0.4km to 11km. The stream connects to the Manawatū River and used to be a hotspot for kai for local iwi, Rangitāne.

Although you can walk the stop banks on both sides, the formed path switches sides at Amberley Avenue. This path is great for short walks or as part of a full city loop.

There are toilets at Bill Brown Park and Milson Shopping Centre, and underpasses at most main road crossings.


  • Tōtara Road/Escort Grove to Pioneer Highway: 3.05km
  • Pioneer Highway to Amberley Avenue: 1.68km
  • Amberley Avenue to Highbury Avenue: 1.2km
  • Highbury Avenue to Botanical Road: 0.5km
  • Botanical Road to Tremaine Avenue: 0.56kilometres
  • Tremaine Avenue to Benmore Avenue: 1.2km
  • Benmore Avenue to Rangitīkei Line: 0.6km
  • Rangitīkei Line to John F Kennedy Drive: 0.4km
  • John F Kennedy Drive to Milson Line: 0.47km
  • Apollo Parade to Flygers Line: 1.44km

Total distance: 11km

Difficulty: Easy

Contour: Flat

Surface: Limestone

How to get here

Access the pathway from any of these streets: Tōtara Road, Grand Oaks Drive, Pioneer Highway, Strachan Way, Amberley Avenue, Clutha Place, Highbury Avenue, Botanical Road, Tremaine Avenue, Rosedale Crescent, Cecil Place, Benmore Avenue, Meadowbrook Drive, Rangitīkei Line, Apollo Parade, John F Kennedy Drive, Presidential Drive, Milson Line and Flygers Line.

Dogs prohibited near Awapuni Racecourse between 5am and 10am

Most of Mangaone Stream Shared Pathway is a dog exercise area, where dogs may be walked off-leash.

The exception is where the pathway passes the racecourse. No dogs are allowed near Awapuni Racecourse between 5am and 10am daily. Dogs may be walked past the racecourse on a lead outside of this time.