Reducing waste at events

Photo shows council-branded event recycling trailers at Awapuni next to bales of compacted plastic.

Whether you're attending an event in Palmy or playing host, we want you to be able to keep looking after the environment.

All events held on Council land or that receive Council funding have special measures to ensure it's easy for everyone to recycle.

If you're attending an event, look out for our brightly covered bins that tell you what goes where.

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All events held on Council land or with Council funding must comply with our Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw.

All events organised in-house or contracted out must have a suitable amount of recycling stations for patrons to use. Each station contains:

  • 1 x rubbish bin
  • 1 x glass bin
  • 1 x mixed recycling bin
  • 1 x organics bin

Stations can be hired from the Council for the duration of the event and come in three price categories.


The following terms and conditions apply to any event held on Council land or with Council funding:

  1. The event organiser must take all reasonable steps to minimise the amount of waste generated at the event. This includes encouraging event participants (such as food vendors) to minimise the amount of packaging used or given out. Non-recyclable materials such as foil or foil-lined packaging, polystyrene or styrofoam containers or cups, wax-lined paper cups or tetra paks should not be used at events and the event organiser should communicate this to the event participants.
  2. The event organiser must take all reasonable steps to encourage recycling opportunities for materials used at the event. This includes:
    a. Using 100% compostable packaging, single-use beverage cups and utensils. Compostable materials are paper or cardboard (not plastic-lined), cornstarch, potato or sugarcane-based packaging, bamboo, PLA ("plant plastic"). Where the use of compostable materials is not practicable, food packaging should be made from recyclable or reusable materials.
    b. Promoting opportunities to recycle packaging to event-goers.
  3. The event organiser is responsible for ensuring rubbish and recycling bins (with the types of material that can be accepted in each type of bin) are available and distributed widely around the event location.
  4. The event organiser is responsible for ensuring that all waste and recyclable material collected at the event is disposed of correctly.

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