Plan change D: Pressure sewer systems

This plan change added provisions to the District Plan requiring pressure sewer systems to be installed in specific areas of the city. Pressure sewer systems can also be installed outside of the identified areas, if approved by Council.

Plan change D became operative on Thursday 18 March 2021.

The plan change reviewed the District Plan's issues, objectives, policies, rules and assessment criteria to:

  • Signal to the development community that pressure sewer systems are the only means of sewage disposal in identified areas.
  • Allow for pressure systems outside of the identified areas where appropriate.
  • Ensure plan provisions are clear.
  • Ensure provisions clearly articulate the Council's expectations.

Plan change D affects the following sections of the District Plan:

  • Section 4: Definitions
  • Section 7: Subdivision

Changes to the District Plan are as follows:

  • New definitions for pressure sewer systems and pressure sewer areas.
  • New issue inserted referring to pressure sewer systems.
  • An amendment to existing objective 3 to include reference to pressure sewer systems.
  • An amendment to existing policy 2.7 to outline the use of pressure sewer systems, and the introduction of consent notices to be used in relation to allotments reticulated with a pressure sewer system
  • Amends the existing essential services standard to include reference to pressure sewer systems in pressure sewer areas.