Vegetation Framework

This framework sets out our vision for the city's trees and other public plantings: To create a citywide green network that celebrates our local and imported biodiversity and contributes to a healthy and attractive city, its surrounding villages, the Manawatū River and its green corridors.

Vegetation Framework 2016(PDF, 15MB)

Vegetation framework aims

  • To communicate the vision for Palmerston North's trees and other public plantings.
  • To provide a citywide vegetation framework that can be used by different groups of people.
  • To set out the principles and techniques to be used to implement and manage vegetation, ensuring its viability in the long term. 

Key directions

Environmentally beneficial

Vegetation in Palmerston North is suited to our climate, suited to local soils/geology, beneficial to fauna, enhances biodiversity, considers storm water.

Functionally robust

Low maintenance, low allergen, clear trunk where appropriate, considers shading to adjacent properties, adheres to criteria for crime prevention through environmental design, considers coverage equity across the city.

Aesthetically considered

Selection of evergreen and deciduous, colour and seasonal change meets site requirements, considers relevant historical or cultural features, spread and form of species is relevant to location, and contributes to aesthetic amenity.