Policy for the use of public space

This policy guides how we manage applications for the use of public space (except casual and informal use, such as a picnic in the park). These are high-level guidelines that can apply to the full spectrum of activities.

Public space is any outdoor area under Council control, including the Square, Railway Land, reserves, parks, riverbanks, and verges.

We developed the policy because we want our public space to play host to unique activities, increasing opportunities for social interaction and visible public life. We also want to protect our public spaces for everyone to access and enjoy.

Assessment criteria

In considering an application to use public space, and particularly where there are competing applications for the use of public space or high demand for a public space, the Council will consider whether the event or activity:

  • supports the achievement of the Council’s goals
  • is accessible to the wider community
  • adds to the variety of events or activities available in Palmerston North
  • enhances any precinct identities (e.g. Broadway as a hospitality precinct)
  • provides an experience (rather than a simple commercial exchange)
  • does not significantly limit the availability of space for general community use

The purpose of these criteria is to inform Council decision-making, rather than to provide an exhaustive list of necessary criteria.