Support and Funding Policy

This policy provides a framework for how Council funds and partners with community and voluntary organisations to achieve social and cultural well-being outcomes in the city. It aims to make the best possible use of Council’s available resources, and ensure they are allocated equitably.

Council’s funding policy was updated in 2022 after a period of public consultation. The new policy has a wider scope than previously in order to both empower our community providers and ensure decisions align with Council’s strategic direction. It aims include:

  • Increased capacity for external groups and organisations to deliver initiatives that enhance the cultural, economic, and social wellbeing of the city.
  • A transparent, and consistent system for support and funding programmes.
  • Shared understanding that Council support is provided through various means, including grants funding, sponsorship, scholarships, subsidies, and community rental rates.

For any queries or to give feedback on our community support and funding email