Economic sector profiles

Sector profiles for the Manawatū have been developed by Council to help us understand the different parts of our region's economy, and the contribution each sector makes to demographic and economic growth.

Even within the broad industrial sectors of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) 2006 there can be a diverse range of activities undertaken. It is useful to understand which sectors are growing and are likely to grow in the future and their overall contribution to jobs and incomes in the region.

The profiles are drawn primarily from Statistics New Zealand data.

Sector summaries

Agri-Food(PDF, 367KB)

Construction(PDF, 484KB)

Defence(PDF, 496KB)

Education(PDF, 1MB)

Government(PDF, 341KB)

Healthcare and Social Assistance(PDF, 473KB)

Logistics(PDF, 769KB)

Manufacturing(PDF, 375KB)

Non-profit(PDF, 437KB)

Research, Science and Innovation(PDF, 706KB)

Retail(PDF, 969KB)

Tourism(PDF, 553KB)

Full reports

Agriculture Sector Profile(PDF, 2MB)

Defence Sector Profile(PDF, 1MB)

Education Sector Profile(PDF, 4MB)

Government Sector Profile(PDF, 2MB)

Healthcare and Social Assistance Sector profile(PDF, 1MB)

Logistics Sector profile(PDF, 3MB)

Manufacturing Sector Profile(PDF, 2MB)

Non-Profit Sector Profile(PDF, 3MB)

Research, Science and Innovation Sector Profile(PDF, 3MB)

Retail Health Check(PDF, 2MB)

Tourism Sector Profile(PDF, 3MB)