Economic updates

Read economic reports for Palmerston North and the Manawatū-Whanganui region.

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The annual economic indicators show how our local economy is doing. The dashboard is updated in January every year. It uses the following metrics:

  • GDP
  • number of businesses
  • survival rate
  • annual earnings
  • employee count
  • median earnings
  • average household income
  • worker turnover
  • tourism electronic card spending
  • Jobseeker support recipients
  • average house value
  • average weekly rent
  • home ownership affordability.

For the most recent data for GDP, Jobseeker support recipients, tourism electronic card transactions, average house value, average weekly rent, home ownership affordability and rental affordability, see the latest quarterly economic indicators.

This report provides an overview of key indicators of economic activity in Palmerston North. Up until the September 2022 quarter, the Infometrics quarterly economic monitor provided an update of economic conditions in Palmerston North. From the December 2022 quarter, the monitor has been replaced by the quarterly economic update, which reports on the most recent data for the city as well as the latest full quarter data. The report is updated every 3 months.

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Quarterly regional updates

We also produce quarterly economic updates for the region, which are distributed by the Central Economic Development Agency, CEDA. You can read these reports on the CEDA website.