Greenhouse gas emission inventories

These reports track greenhouse gas emissions for Palmerston North, and for Council as an organisation.

Citywide emissions inventories

A regular assessment of the total emissions directly resulting from activities occurring (or in the case of transport, originating) within the Palmerston North City Council boundary. This boundary encompasses the city as well as the surrounding area of land, including Ashhurst, Bunnythorpe, Linton and Longburn.

The baseline inventory was published in 2018 and covered the period July 2016 to June 2017. Subsequent inventories, now published annually, track emissions across a standard calendar year.

Community carbon footprint 2016-17(PDF, 1MB)

Citywide emissions inventory 2020(PDF, 298KB)

Citywide emissions inventory 2021(PDF, 335KB)

Council organisational emissions inventories

An inventory of Council's internal organisational emissions. These reports follow our July to June financial year. Since the 2015-16 baseline year, Council has reduced its emissions by 22%.

Greenhouse gas emissions inventory 2015-16(PDF, 696KB)

Greenhouse gas emissions inventory 2016-17(PDF, 710KB)

Greenhouse gas emissions inventory 2017-18(PDF, 709KB)

Greenhouse gas emissions inventory 2018-19(PDF, 862KB)

Greenhouse gas emissions inventory 2019-20(PDF, 1MB)