Tree assessment reports

Check to see if your property has a protected tree on it.

This page lists the location and details of notable trees protected under our District Plan. The assessment reports include information about a tree or group of trees on a property, along with its score and recommended maintenance. 

Notable trees on privately-owned land

A to B

Albert Street, 80: Rata

Albert Street, 360: Golden Elm

Albert Street, 399: Northern Rata

Batchelar Drive, 130: Karaka grove

Batchelar Research Centre: Oak

Botanical Road, 375: Kōwhai

Buick Crescent: Tōtara, Beech

Notable trees A-B(PDF, 5MB)



Cambridge Avenue, Ashhurst, 166: Italian Cypress

Cambridge Avenue, Ashhurst, 283: Lime

Church Street, 98: Oak

Church Street, 313: Rata

College Street, 318: Oak

Church Street, 512: Norfolk Island Pine

Notable trees C-D-E(PDF, 3MB)


Featherston Street, 9: Norfolk Island Pine 

Featherston Street, 263: Turkey Oak 

Featherston Street, 576: Tulip Tree 

Ferguson Street, 636: English Oak 

Fitzherbert Avenue, 127: Oak 

Fitzherbert Avenue, 161: Blue Atlas Cedar 

Fitzherbert Avenue, 179: Deodar Cedar 

Fitzherbert Avenue, 189: European Beech, Japanese Maple, Karaka, Rimu, Tōtara 

Fitzroy Street, 29: Camperdown Elm 

Fitzroy Street, 70: English Oak 

Fitzroy Street, 74a: Copper Beech 

Florence Avenue, 91: Weeping Wych Elm

Notable trees F(PDF, 8MB)

G to L

Grey Street, 183: Phoenix Palm

Ihaka Street, 38: Oak

Limbrick Street, 90: Red Flowering Gum

Lincoln Street, Ashhurst, 25: Tōtara

Linton Street, 58: Tōtara

Lombard Street, 61: Pōhutukawa

Notable trees G-L(PDF, 4MB)


Main Street, 863: Oak

Margaret Street, 21: Giant Redwood

Moerangi Street, 30: Coastal Redwood

Mulgrave Street, Ashhurst, 94: Rata

Notable trees M-N-O(PDF, 2MB)


Pahiatua Street, 40: Chinese Windmill Palms, Ginkgo Biloba

Park Road, 117: Black Beech

Park Road, 121: Oaks

Park Road, 123: Oak

Pastoral Lane, 3: Oak

Pastoral Lane, 10: Oak

Pioneer Highway, 632: Black Beech

River Road, Ashhurst, 19: Miro, Tōtara, Kahikatea

Ruahine Street, 229: Holly

Notable trees P-Q-R(PDF, 6MB)


Salisbury Street, Ashhurst, 128: Oak

Seddon Street, 11: Norfolk Island Pine

Slacks Road, 34: Northern Rata

Slacks Road, 68: Hoheria, Karaka, Mahoe, Pseudopanax, Tarata, Ti Kouka, Titoki, Tōtara

South Street, 46: Kōwhai

Staces Road, 167: Tōtara (multiple)

Stanley Ave, 3: Black Beech

Notable trees S(PDF, 7MB)

T to Z

Te Awe Awe Street, 47: Oak

Te Awe Awe Street, 82: Kānuka, Scarlet Oak

Te Awe Awe Street, 88: Himalayan Cedar

Te Awe Awe Street, 96: Oak

Te Matai Road, 7: Cottonwood Poplar

Tremaine Avenue, 666: Phoenix Palms

Victoria Avenue, 155a: European Beech

Victoria Avenue, 240a: Red Oak

Victoria Avenue, 254: Liquidambar

Notable trees T-Z(PDF, 6MB)


Notable trees on Council land

STEM reports for some trees on Council land are listed below. For a comprehensive list, see the District Plan.

Caccia Birch: Beech, Canary Island Pine, Deodar Cedar, Flowering Gum, Irish Yew, Tulip Tree, Wisteria

Centennial Drive: Eucalyptus, Natives

Kelvin Grove Cemetery: Pin Oak

Milverton Park: London Plane

Pastoral Lane Road Reserve: Ginkgo Biloba

Te Awe Awe Street, 130: Elm, Oak

Notable trees on Council land(PDF, 7MB)