Urban development

The government's national policy statement on urban development requires us to have enough housing, business and industrial land to meet demand. Here you'll find our annual monitoring reports and 3-yearly assessments.

 As part of preparing our 3-yearly assessment, we have to involve the development sector and anyone who has information about our housing and business and industrial land supply. If that’s you or your organisation, please sign up so we can talk to you when we prepare our next assessment.

Urban development capacity indicators

We publish our monitoring reports annually.

Indicators we monitor include:

  • the demand for and supply of housing and business and industrial land
  • prices and rents for housing, residential and business land by location and type, and changes in these prices and rents over time
  • the number of resource consents and building consents granted for urban development relative to the growth in population
  • housing affordability
  • how many houses have been built each year.

Housing and business development capacity